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Organic Joy Mattress 10 Inch


Organic Joy Mattress 10 Inch

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Heavenly Joy Mattress 13 Inch

Proper support, comfort and longevity is made safe by mother nature using organic cotton & wool in a zippered casing.



Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. Recommended foundation: Ez Habitat Foundation 9 Inch.

**Please note handling fee is subject to change and based on destination.**

Each mattress comes with a soft+medium+firm combo that can be swapped for each other as needed.

Proper support, comfort and longevity is made safe by mother nature using organic cotton & wool in a zippered casing. Inside this custom made mattress from Mountain Air Organic Beds 10” mattress, you get three 3” layers of the highest quality organic rubber in three different densities…firm, medium & soft dunlop rubber. These naturally anti-microbial layers won’t break down, take body impressions and layers can be easily moved around to make it firmer or softer on each side.

The quilted organic cotton casing adds an extra layer of comfort, with organic wool batting for temperature regulation and a more restful sleep surface. The casing closes with a durable zipper that doesn't get easily caught in the rubber like metal zippers do.
  • Layers of customized comfort
  • Made with the finest organic latex, organic cotton and organic wool
  • No glues, formaldehyde or petroleum oil
  • No chemical flame retardants
  • Naturally anti-microbial, dustmite and bedbug-resistant
  • No "Soft Spots" guarantee
  • 100-day layer exchange policy
  • New 25 year warranty


Because our products are custom made and for health and legal reasons, we do not accept returns and all sales are final.

If a product is defective we are allowed the opportunity to fix the issue.

Please allow 4-6 weeks for most deliveries. We are not responsible for delays in shipping beyond our control.

By making this payment, you agree to accept our terms and conditions as stated on our invoice and website www.mountainairorganicbeds.com.

In the event of an exchange with unopened packages, the customer is responsible for shipping to and from our store and restocking fees may apply. No product will be exchanged that is damaged, has an odor or is dirty in any way.

In the event of shippers damaging product it is best to refuse the delivery and note in the bill of lading "refused due to damage." Please take photos of the damage if possible. Please count the boxes to make sure you sign for the correct number of packages. We will receive the shipment and replace the damaged item with new, then reship the product.

Please read the cleaning and care instructions for our products on our website www.mountainairorganicbeds.com.


Twin 39”X75”x10”
TXL 39”X80”X10”
Full 54”X75”X10”
Queen 60”X 80”X10”
King 76”X80”X10”


Alaska & Puerto Rico Orders:
Please contact us at resources@maximizedliving.com. Orders from these locations require us to get a shipping quote from the manufacturer.

International Orders:
Customer is responsible shipping, duties, taxes and other fees that may apply to international freight. Please contact us at resources@maximizedliving.com. Orders from these locations require us to get a shipping quote from the manufacturer.

Manufacturer's Layer Exchange Policy:
We allow in-store layer exchanges free for 100-days. After you've slept on your new mattress for a few weeks, if it does not feel comfortable, you should first adjust your layers. Sometimes moving a firmer layer up or down improves the comfort of your mattress. If this doesn't work, you may bring in a layer and exchange it. Please call a day ahead (479-966-2262) so we can have the layer you want ready when you arrive.
If you don't live close to our store, we'll be happy to exchange your layers by mail. You will simply have to pay actual shipping. When we ship you a new layer, please save the packaging so you can reuse it to ship your old layer back.

Manufacturers Address:

Mountain Air Organic Beds

1094 E Henri De Tonti

Suite B

Springdale, Ar 72762

While we are happy to exchange individual layers, we cannot do returns on mattresses for legal and health reasons. This protects the consumers from getting "used" mattresses sold as "new" which is against the law. We are confident that once you've found the right combination of layers, you will be comfortable for years to come.

Mattress Assembly:
Before You Start:
1. Empty each box. Identify all components: you should have a zippered casing and the correct number of latex pieces. For solid Queen or King layers, you’ll need a helper.
2. Look for stamps at head and foot: "S" for Soft, "M" for Medium, or "F" for Firm.
3. You may notice a light "rubber” scent. If you are sensitive to scents, air out the layers in a well- ventilated space for a day or two before putting them into the casing. This is a temporary, natural smell of nature and will not harm you.
To Assemble:
1. Spread out the casing on the platform or foundation; the zipper-stop goes at the foot of the bed.
2. Unzip the casing top and set it aside.
3. Lay your base layer (or halves) into the casing. Place Dunlop layers small holes up, big holes down. Talalay layers can go either side up. Fit the layer/s to the corners of the casing.
Tips On Fitting Latex:
We don’t mean to shout, but: DO NOT PULL the latex as it may tear. DO NOT YANK the edges. Shake the latex like a rug to spread it. (To shake: Grasp the edge gently with both hands, lift and drop it in a smooth up-and-down motion, like a wave.) You may need to re-position the first layer 5 – 10 times to line it up along the casing edges. After the first layer is in, grasp the casing edges at several points and tug (the casing, not the latex) to remove any slack in the fabric underneath.
When you shake a layer out into the casing, it may appear as though the latex is too large to fit. It’s just been slightly stretched out by the shaking and re-positioning. Repeat the wave motion multiple times from different spots, working your way around and "aiming” the wave toward the center. This helps the layers compress. The casing’s fit is very snug and tight when the process is done.
4. Lay second and third layers into the casing, remembering which piece goes on which side. Shake and reposition until edges are even with the edges of the layer below.
5. Zip on the top sloooow-ly. Tuck in latex as you go; avoid catching edges in the zipper.
The casing is not washable or dry-cleanable! Use a mattress pad to protect your mattress. Your mattress needs to "breathe.” Set it on a slatted platform bed with solid slats no more than 3" apart or our matching foundation.
Under The Bed:
Do not use plywood unless it is formaldehyde free (we recommend the Columbia brand available at Home Depot). Do not use wire foundations or box springs. We recommend a solid, flat surface. Old, worn-out foundations will transfer a "dip" through to the mattress.
Manufacturer's 100 Day Exchange Policy:
This is a "100 Day Exchange Policy" only not a return policy. We do not accept returns without written pre-authorization. Must be unopened package for bedding and not special orders within 10 days. Customer is responsible for shipping both ways and subject to 20% restocking fees and the customer must pay actual shipping and set up fees both ways, unless it is deemed our fault. If it is deemed our fault, we reserve the right to send out a "exact" replacement product or give store credit at no charge to the customer. Orders may not be canceled once production has begun. We do not offer refunds on bedding that are special ordered.
We particularly do not accept returns on mattresses and wool bedding for reason of smell or sensitivities. Our mattress and bedding are made of all natural materials and may have a slight smell which is part of nature. The natural smells will dissipate in 4 to 10 weeks with proper airing out. Our mattresses are 100% all natural and certified with Oeko-Tex Certification Class 1. The highest offered for use by infants and children. The production facilities for rubber do not contain any toxic chemicals. Air quality is monitored and water is tested daily. Our cotton is certified 100% organic cotton and our wool is Eco-Wool which means sheep are raised and good husbandry is practiced to product organic wool but does not have the expensive certifications.
We do not accept returns of foundations.

Limited Warranty:

For more information, please visit: http://www.mountainairorganicbeds.com/

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